Saturday, June 26, 2010

Web Comic Project: Wrap Up

Our Story So Far: In 2008 our hero (that's me) dusted off one of his old comic book stories, re-worked it, began re-drawing it and put it online as a work-in-progress. Unhappy with the way the comic was proceeding our hero (me) re-writes, re-draws and re-starts the comic in Summer, 2009. Our hero (hi) adds the special twist of attempting to report on his progress as he searches for a way to make his efforts profitable. Added handicap: Kidney Failure.

Web Comic Project: I was foolish to take this project on while I was struggling with treatment for my illness. Kidney Failure is a serious, chronic condition and while -- I'm told -- I am healthier and luckier than most kidney patients the last 18 months have been a roller-coaster ride of good days and -- increasingly fewer and fewer -- not-so-good days. Organ failure aside, I simply have the wrong temperament for webcomics as they are currently configured. Daily strip style comics seem to do best in the online environment and I have no aptitude for that particular cartoon form (ask anyone who read my daily strips in college or my year-long attempt at an alt-weekly strip, examples of which I will not be showing anyone today or ever). I'm also not really a people person so the social aspect and constant need to beg for money doesn't really appeal to me. And while I certainly see how it's virtually impossible to set up a pay wall or similar system for webcomics the demand that cartoonists entertain an audience for free and bankroll that effort for a year or more as well strikes me as a deeply unfair burden. However, I don't see the end of my Web Comic Project as a Fail. No creativity is ever wasted but the project was poorly conceived and badly executed. I apologize for that.

The Fate of Java Town: Dead for now. I've been working on it for so long and it needs so much revising to make it as good as I want it to be that I've just exhausted my enthusiasm for the project. Having lost the creative engine behind the story I need to set it aside.

What Am I Working On Now: I'm drawing like crazy and looking for work. I've begun uploading art to the top microstock services (here's my new portfolio at iStockphoto) and may report on how that's going in the future. If it's a flop, well, then the less said the better.