Friday, November 20, 2009

Web Comic Project: Day 153

In the early days of Slave Labor (now SLG Publishing) I hated our typesetter. He was slow, surly and didn't seem to appreciate getting our (admittedly meager) business. Costs forced me to keep word counts low and making last minutes changes were nearly impossible. I was unconcerned when the Desktop Publishing revolution killed the typesetter's operation. Desktop Publishing was The Future and I embraced it without reservation. It's no secret that publishing is once again in the throes of a major shift. And it's thrilling. It really is. Watching my son fool around with his new iTouch downloading books and comics is vicariously fun, his enthusiasm very infectious. But this time I do have some reservations. My biggest concern is the parasitic demand that everything be free and the effects of the lopsided burden this puts on independent, unfunded cartoonists. I recognize that the digital environment I choose to work in is what it is. That doesn't mean, however, that I can't try to create a fairer situation for me (and other creators) while maintaining a positive relationship with readers. After all, I'm a comics fan too. But I get the distinct impression that at 49 I'm older than the majority of web comic readers and creators. And that's fine. There's room for everybody. It's just that my experiences and age inform who I am and what I want. I expect that to be reflected more in the Web Project as it moves forward. Consider this a mini-statement of purpose. And as for my web comic, Java Town, there will be changes that reflect my evolving notions about digital cartooning. More on that soon.

Comics Journal Online Troubles and Immonen Torrented: I try to read The Comics Reporter every day. Tom Spurgeon often says what I want to say but he says it better.

SLG Recession Sale: 40% off comics, graphic novels, stuff -- everything! Lots of great bargains. (This sort of thing makes me crazy, but there is no mention of the sale on the front web page. Just, I don't know, trust in the force I guess and shop 'til you drop.)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Web Comic Project: Day 137

One of the aspects of the Web Comic Experience that I find less than endearing is the need to sell t-shirts and such and put hat in hand and essentially beg to be supported. It would never occur to me to make my dentist mow my lawn or wash my windows before I pay him for a filling (if I felt like it). But that's the system that has developed so far and digital cartoonists are forced to deal with it. Daniel over at Monster Commute has an interesting (and classy) solution. I encourage you to take a look (it's similar to what Cory Doctorow is up to -- as mentioned in a previous post).

Also: I'm wrapping up the work that's kept me so occupied for the last several weeks and will be getting back to Java Town and this web comic project in the coming days.