Monday, July 21, 2008

Java Town: New Webcomic Debuts

I'm pretty busy right now getting stuff ready for Comic-Con -- now only a couple of days away (I'll be doing a presentation based on my other blog, Comic Book Heaven). So I'll need to do an extended post about my new Java Town webcomic when I return. The decision to put my new stories online came up only days ago and some of the details haven't been all sorted out yet. But announcing the webcomic before the convention gives me a new project to talk up at the show and that's a good thing. The Java Town webcomic will debut this Wednesday (July 24, 2008) at so give it a peek won't you (the price is right, it's free).

Saturday, July 12, 2008


The two little kittens sitting on my desk are Sabrina, the black cat, and Wiggles, the one using my eraser as a pillow. I've always been more a dog person but for the last year we've been taking care of a couple of cats for Town Cats -- a local (Santa Clara County, CA) rescue group -- until permanent homes can be found. Because it's apparently "kitten season" (I really wouldn't know) we're now also taking in kittens. The first two, Sabrina and Wiggles, were only with us a couple of days and were quite sweet. They really liked my desk -- only when I was working at it of course -- and they spent hours sleeping there or "helping" me by chasing the cursor as it moved across the computer screen. Currently, we've got three kittens who are terribly cute (even the mean looking one with the permanent scowl -- think of a tiny 2 year old child making a "mad face") but very, very afraid of people so far. We will keep them until they can hopefully learn to trust humans a bit more. As I was starting to write this post, the bravest of the three, Buttons (my kids are naming these cats) jumped up onto my desk and I thought "Hey, he's getting more comfortable around me!" I then made the mistake of trying to pet the little fellow and all hell broke loose. Hisses were heard, blood -- mine -- was drawn. So, clearly we have more work to do.