Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Creative Christmas

Now that we're pretty solidly into the new year this post isn't very timely but I still wanted to share so here goes: I come from a large family and getting Christmas gifts for everyone is a challenge. Often one or more of us make our presents and this year three items nicely show off the creativity of my siblings.

My second youngest brother, Neil, has an embroidery machine and really outdid himself with personalized, embroidered gifts. For me, Neil took the little spaceman drawing of mine (seen in the upper right corner of this page) and embroidered it onto a gray shirt. Unfortunately, the scan really doesn't do the little fella justice, it's quite sweet.

My youngest brother Kirk put together a CD of music he wrote and performed (he also designed the CD cover). His New Age style music is calming (which is kind of funny since he was such a rambunctious kid) and easy to listen to (and quite good I might add).

And finally, my middle brother, Craig, created something every family should own: a personalized Family Tree Trivia game. It's played a lot like Trivial Pursuit but instead of colorful pie pieces you attempt to collect 4 generations of relatives from the Saavedra/Coutts (my mom's family) clans. We played the game (on Christmas day I think) and it was fun to learn things I didn't know about my family. Amazingly, Craig put the whole thing together (game board, question cards, and playing pieces with all of my sibling's faces on them) in just 3 (very long I'm sure) days. Just amazing.

And so, in the spirit of my brother's game here is some fabulous family trivia:

1) My mom (who is about to turn 70 in a couple of days and still operates her own wallpaper hanging business -- go mom!) hung wallpaper at the home of director Guillermo del Toro and helped install a mural at the Reagan Presidential Library!

2) We have a classic Star Trek connection in my family: My sister used to cut Whit Bissell's hair!

3) The son of the sister of my mother's brother's wife is married to famed actress Julia Roberts!

Yes. Fascinating and ALL TRUE. Belated Happy New Year to one and all.