Monday, August 27, 2007

Welcome, Foolish Mortals Pt. 1

Pictured above is a mock-up of the slipcase I designed for SLG's deluxe hardcover collection of the first six issues of The Haunted Mansion, their comic based on the great Disneyland ride. The illustration of the Hatbox Ghost is by D.W. Frydendall, one of the many artists featured in the book. I created the mock-up (in Illustrator and Photoshop) to help "sell" my design ideas to Dan (the publisher) and Disney (the rights holder). I don't usually do that but with a couple of my concepts I thought it would help to see the design in 3-D.

To show my notion for the book itself I created a faux gold foil embossed effect of the cover design and laid it over a photo of a blank book sent to us by the printer (again using Photoshop). The goal was to create a book you might find in Gracey Manor (a.k.a. The Haunted Mansion).

I've just finished my work on the book and it'll be going to the printer soon (I expect it to come out sometime in the Fall). In future posts I'll share some of the false starts, wrong turns, and good fortune (thank goodness for the Internets) that led up to the final product.

Click here for part two.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Dead: Disney Adventures

I wrote a few comic scripts for Disney Adventures magazine following the demise of Disney's brief foray into comic book publishing in the early 90s. I have never really warmed up to Disney characters -- classic or modern (except for Grumpy, Grumpy rocks) -- the way I loved, say, Bugs Bunny and company. And writing gags really isn't something I think I'm much good at so I let my involvement with the magazine wither and die. My editor at DA was Heidi MacDonald who was great to work with (as was my previous editor at Disney, David Seidman). Heidi has a few words about Disney Adventures here. I'm pretty sure I was the first but a hearty handful of fellow SLG folks also did work for DA (Evan Dorkin, Walker and Jones, and Scott Roberts come to mind but there were others too) and have lost that avenue for income. That, of course, stinks. But the readers (including my kids) lose too. And that, I think, is the worse part: the loss of such an easy-to-get outlet for young readers to get comics.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fake Monster Movie Posters

I enjoy a good modern spin on old designs. Illustrator Rob Kelly has some very sharp fake movie posters that you can find here. Rob's got lots of stuff to look at but I'd start with the posters (I like best the ones for swell old monster flicks).

Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Mother's Love

Earlier this summer my mom uncovered a wayward box of some of my old art. I thought I had moved everything out years and years ago but this collection of material done mostly while I was in my late teens/early twenties managed to evade discovery for a couple of decades. My mom pulled out several not-very-good watercolor cartoons of dragons and witless knights (I was on some kind of weird kick apparently), framed them, and then put them all up in the hallway (now dubbed "Scott Avenue" by my siblings). Oh, and there is one other piece proudly displayed for everyone to see:

A dead fly (sorry for the lousy photo). My mom is very happy with her dead fly drawing. I no longer recall why I drew it but I did and my mom loves it.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Midnight Snack

One of my younger brothers, Craig, directed this recent entry in a Heinz ketchup commercial contest. I thought it turned rather well so I'm sharing it here. If the embed isn't working right you can see it on YouTube.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Be Good To Science T-Shirt

Fellow SLG creative Christopher took this photo of author Neil Gaiman just for me while at the recent Comic-Con International down San Diego way. Here's a photo of the t-shirt itself (my copy, not Neil Gaiman's):

I designed it back in 1991 to promote my then-current comic book creation, Dr. Radium. My very first commercial art job -- when I was 15 or so -- was as a t-shirt designer for a local screen-printer (it was also my first experience with having to struggle with getting paid for my work -- ah, the life of the freelancer). Then, as now, it's a kick to see my t-shirts in action. Neil Gaiman has had very nice things to say about Dr. Radium in the past (most recently he wrote a cover blurb for my It's Science with Dr. Radium collection) and it was a keen to see someone getting use out of something I did, ack, 16 years ago (Good Lord). But, really, I don't even wear this particular t-shirt anymore (of course, ahem, it no longer fits). Many thanks to Christopher for the thoughtful photo (and thanks as well to Neil for exhibiting exceptional taste in outerwear).

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

New Comic Book Gallery

As I mentioned previously, I've recently brought my website back to life. Well, I've added another gallery of some of my comic book and comic book related work. You can see it here. Coming in the very near future: a prints gallery.